Editing an API Key

API keys can be modified by using the 'Modify' button from the corresponding entry in the 'API Keys' section of the FireAcademy.io Dashboard. When modifying an API key, you will be allowed to change 4 fields:


The name is something that is only visible to you. It is intended to help you distinguish between different API keys. To avoid confusion, it is highly recommended that you use a suggestive name.


This is a CORS-related parameter. Default is *.

Monthly Credit Limit

Through this parameter, you can control how many credits an API key is allowed to use each billing cycle (month). API keys whose usage reached this limit will be considered invalid until the next week. Default is 0, which means that the key has no credit limit.


If you would like to invalidate an API key (the closest you can get to deleting it), you can set the status to 'Disabled'. This will cause catchpole to reject all requests that use the given key.

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