Dashboard API

The dashboard API can be accessed by anyone. Its source code can be found here. Keep in mind that all requests need to have the Authorization header set to the Firebase authentication token of the user (no preceding Bearer ). All requests should use JSON encoding. The base URL for this API is https://kraken.fireacademy.io/api.

The following endpoints are exposed:

  • GET /stripe-dashboard-url - Get the stripe dashboard URL for the logged in user.

  • GET /subscribe-url - Get an URL that will allow the user to subscribe to a plan (given by the plan_id argument)

  • POST /user-plan - Updates the user plan - upgrade or just switch auto-purchase of credit packages.

  • GET /dashboard-data - Returns information about the user, their plan & API keys.

  • POST /api-key - Creates an API key. Arguments: name, origin, monthly_credit_limit.

  • PUT /api-key - Certainly a very good use for the PUT HTTP verb. Updates an existing API key. Takes the following arguments: api_key, disabled, monthly_credit_limit, name, origin.

  • POST /gift-code - Redeems a gift code. Takes 2 arguments: code and api_key.

  • POST /ticket - Creates a new ticket - intended for the 'Feedback and Ideas Form.' The endpoints expects 4 arguments: message, emotional_state, anonymous, and contact.

  • GET /updates - Returns unread updates for the logged in user.

  • POST /updates - Marks all updates as read.

  • GET /plans - Returns a user's available plans, including custom ones.

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