The Grant Program

We understand how hard it is to build the Chia ecosystem. One time, we shut down everything for a month to save some money. We've applied to the Chia Cultivation Grant Program (can you see us here? exactly.). We're trying to 'make it' in the Chia ecosystem right now.

With this in mind, we created the Grant Program to support fellow teams or individual developers that want to build something in the Chia ecosystem.

What is being offered?

Free credits for our service. Recipients will receive one or more gift codes that they can redeem for free credits. This way, they will be able to use our service for free, without even entering their credit card details. Recipients might ask for more free credits as needed.

What is being asked for in return?

Cooperation. Alpha. We're growing with the ecosystem - when you win, we win. We want to hear about your project, and even your ambitions and aspirations if you are willing to share them. Feedback regarding our platform is always more than welcome.

Who can apply?

Anyone building or running a project on the Chia blockchain on a budget. Our requirements are very flexible - as a rule of thumb, if your project is about to be launched or you ran out of free credits, you can just contact us. Projects that have already been launched are also highly encouraged to apply if they want to integrate with our service.

How to apply?

Decided to apply? That's great! This 'company' is currently ran by one person, so there's no need to be formal or present a 100-page proposal. Just drop yakuh1t0 a message explaining what you're building. If you prefer another communication channel, see the Contact Us page.

An estimate of your weekly or monthly requests would be greatly appreciated, but is not needed.

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