Please take a seat - it's time to talk about money.

We're constantly striving to offer the greatest possible value to the Chia community. With that in mind, we created 3 tiers for different types of customers:

  • Free: This plan is intended for projects that are just starting out or require a low number of interactions with our services. This category also includes the 'No Card' plan - it has the same specifications as the Free plan, except that extra credits cannot be purchased. It is also a great way to test our services without making any commitments.

  • Developer: For teams of all sizes that require some interactions with our service. Maybe they're developing a dApp that got really popular. Or maybe they are indexing the Chia blockchain. Whatever it is, we've got them covered.

  • Enterprise: For teams that require a lot of interactions with the services that we offer. At this scale, we are more than surely going to increase the number of stand-by nodes in our cluster. Creating and managing an organization-specific cluster is also an option.

Current Prices

We want to make pricing as predictable and transparent as possible. With that in mind, please find the current price table here. It is important to keep in mind that it might change as we optimize our infrastructure or discover bottlenecks.

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